Boost Your Sales by Reducing Friction

We all know how frustrating it can be to face a checkout form with half a dozen input fields when we’re trying to buy something.

Or when we have to search the entire page just to find the checkout button.

Or when we have to deal with painful loading times and pop-ups just so we can give someone our money.

These hurdles are frustrating and can cause us to abandon the sale.

We call these hurdles to completing a sale “friction”. Too much friction in the sales process can reduce sales and increase customer support. The good news is that when you reduce friction, sales and conversions increase.

As a seller, your goal should be to reduce friction on the buyer's path as much as possible, and overcome any unavoidable friction through incentive (the value of your product or service).

PayPal's Buy Buttons

One of best ways to reduce friction in the sales process is to allow customers to pay via credit card. Integrating with PayPal is a common way to solve this problem. But using PayPal can end up being a pain for either the seller, the customer, or both.

With the introduction of PayPal's Buy Now buttons they tried to make it easier on us sellers to use their service, but it came with the consequence of added friction in the sales process for our customers.

We no longer had to hire a developer to wire up our checkout and integrate with PayPal's API, but our customers now had to deal with more friction during their checkout process.

Solving The Problem

Solving the pain of dealing with PayPal's Buy Now buttons was a major driver for us to develop a new product. Our goal was to create a product that enabled the seller to quickly and easily start accepting payments from their customers without adding more friction to the checkout process.

We quickly realized there were more problems with buy now buttons that needed to be solved:

  1. We wanted a solution that would make it simple to accept credit cards.
  2. We also wanted something that would handle recurring subscriptions and social media integrations with no customer account required.
  3. In addition to these things, we wanted a solution that would allow the seller to control the customer experience from branding all the way through the end of the purchase.

Launching Buy Now Plus

We created Buy Now Plus to solve these problems. Buy Now Plus is a hosted solution that empowers you, the seller, to sell anything you want, anywhere you want.

The great news is that as of today, Buy Now Plus is available for you to sign up for and start using!

We look forward to helping you sell more by making your customers’ buying experience a more enjoyable one.